No One Cares About Paul Ryan’s “Better Way.” There’s A Big/Loud/Racist/Dangerous Reason Why.

By: Meredith Kelly

Poll: Ryan’s ‘Better Way’ policy agenda . . . has barely registered on a national scale

Before heading out of DC, Speaker Paul Ryan hit the town this week with a round of interviews with The Atlantic’s Ideas Forum, The DC Economic Club, and Face the Nation…and along the way he offered just about the richest take on this election that a Republican can offer in 2016:

“I’ve always believed we win ideas contest, and we lose personality contests.”

In an effort to be the “ideas” guy, Speaker Ryan earlier this summer rolled out his so-called “Better Way” agenda. *Sigh.* Here we go . . .

With the exuberance of an over-caffeinated car salesman, Speaker Ryan goes on and on about his “Better Way” agenda. He waves his security blanket/pamphlet wherever he can. Sure, his party’s standard-bearer is a rolling disaster area and the federal government had to wait until the last second for the Republican Congress to greenlight the money to keep the lights on…but have you heard of A Better Way??

As it turns out, most people haven’t:

“Ryan’s ‘Better Way’ policy agenda…has barely registered on a national scale, according to a recently released Morning Consult poll. Fifteen percent of voters think it’s a Republican plan, and an equal number believe it came out of the White House or Nancy Pelosi’s office.”

Well, so much for that. If Republicans supposedly win “the battle of ideas” and if Speaker Ryan’s “Better Way” agenda is the foundation for the Republicans’ case to voters—then why is nobody listening? Why is nobody picking up what Speaker Ryan and the Republicans are putting down?

Maybe that racist, ignorant, petty, and impulsive “personality” that has taken over the Republican Party has something to do with it.

Maybe Paul Ryan’s “campaign of ideas” has been brutally overshadowed by the “personality” that he thinks is best qualified to be commander-in-chief.

Maybe, despite what he may try to say, Speaker Ryan knows that years of Republican obstructionism and government by crisis have indeed left them bankrupt of real “ideas,” and to fill the void they’ve turned to a personality that has exposed the Republican Party for what it really is.