Paul Ryan Join Forces With Trump to Craft Agenda

By: Meredith Kelly

As further evidence that Paul Ryan, House Republicans and Donald Trump will be inseparably tied this November, news broke today that House Republicans will be meeting with Trump’s team every week to craft a joint agenda. According to CNN, there will be “weekly meetings Trump campaign officials are holding with House Republicans.”

This joint agenda is further proof that Ryan and vulnerable House Republicans will own the divisive priorities and offensive policies that Donald Trump promotes between now and Election Day even though they will undoubtedly turn off Latinos, African Americans, women and other voters whose support they need to win this cycle.

The development of a joint Trump-Paul Ryan agenda further reinforces that all House Republicans will be inseparably tied to him and must answer for his party’s frontrunner, his policies, and deal with his toxic numbers with key groups of voters every day between now and November,” said Meredith Kelly of the DCCC.