Trumpocalypse Consumes Wisconsin – Paul Ryan Nowhere to Be Found

By: Meredith Kelly

Judging from the spin of Paul Ryan’s vague, lukewarm rebuke of Donald Trump last week at the Capitol, you’d expect that the Speaker would have taken his show to the frontlines by now. Today, that would be Ryan’s hometown of Janesville, where Donald Trump is hosting a rally. As Paul Ryan told the room full of interns in that speech, “You are either part of the problem, or part of the solution” when it comes to politics and influencing the direction of your party.

But, clearly Paul Ryan is only willing to go so far when it comes to combating the ugly, violent influence of Donald Trump, even when it’s at the Janesville Holiday Inn Express and the police are preparing for violence. Those Congressional interns are sure to be disappointed to learn that while Governor Walker, local press outlets, and Wisconsinites protest and fight back against the Trumpocalypse in Wisconsin, Paul Ryan is spending his district work period anywhere BUT Wisconsin.

“Clearly Donald Trump chose Janesville for tonight’s rally because he knew that Speaker Ryan would not follow through on his hollow rhetoric and instead let Trump freely wield his hateful megaphone. These events make it clear that Paul Ryan can’t influence or control his unruly House Republican conference, the GOP presidential primary, the ugly direction of his party, or even the events in his own hometown. One thing is for sure: what he’s doing is not leadership,” said Meredith Kelly of the DCCC.




Morning: Influential radio show host Charlie Sykes utilizes his position of influence to help #StopTrump in Wisconsin, with a tough interview of Donald Trump.  Other local radio hosts followed suit, offering Trump an “icy state welcome.”

6:30PM CST: Wisconsinites protest against Donald Trump at Janesville Holiday Inn Express.


5AM: Largest newspaper in the state releases scathing editorial slamming Donald Trump as “unfit to be president.”

9AM: Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker endorses Ted Cruz over Trump after pleading last fall with the other presidential candidates to unite against anyone but Trump.

Throughout Morning: Police prepare for potentially violent Trump rally in Janesville, by bringing armored vehicles, gas masks and zip ties

11AM: More than 1,000 citizens signed up for anti-Trump protest at Janesville event and local organizers reported receiving death threats.

4PM: Donald Trump to hold a rally in Janesville, Wisconsin, the hometown of Speaker Paul Ryan.



Alabama tomorrow, apparently? But really, it’s anywhere but Wisconsin during his work recess period leading up to the Wisconsin primary.



Paul Ryan’s hiding continues. Clearly demonstrating his mode of operation when it comes to Trump, Paul Ryan will be out of the country on the day of Wisconsin’s GOP Primary. He voted absentee and again is hiding behind his chairmanship of the convention to mask his lack of courage to #StopTrump, unlike so many others in the Republican establishment of Wisconsin.