Paul Ryan’s Embarrassing Budget Defeat by the House Freedom Caucus

By: Meredith Kelly

Following the House Freedom Caucus’ vote to oppose the budget with spending levels from agreed-upon budget deal, the DCCC released the following statement:

Speaker Ryan took over the dysfunctional House Republican caucus and insisted that he would return the budget process to regular order, because even he could recognize that House Republicans’ inability to do their jobs had reached untenable levels.

“But thanks to the House Freedom Caucus, Paul Ryan’s short-lived honeymoon is over as quickly as it started. Embarrassingly, his repeated budget pledges have succumbed to the power of the same conservatives that ousted Speaker Boehner,” said Meredith Kelly of the DCCC.

Leading up to last night’s damning HFC vote, Ryan must have been reading the T-Coast leaves and seen that his promise to return the House to “regular order” was doomed — Ryan had already folded like a cheap suit on the need to pass a budget.