DCCC Releases ‘Genius’ Annotation of Speaker Paul Ryan’s Speech

By: Meredith Kelly

Following Speaker Paul Ryan’s swearing-in speech, the DCCC released an annotated version of the text to reveal the hypocritical and misleading nature of his words.

Paul Ryan blamed Democrats for creating new bureaucracies, yet his House of Representatives just created a Select Committee to conduct yet another investigation into Planned Parenthood.

genius 1

Paul Ryan said a top priority is taking care of veterans, yet the Select Committee on Benghazi has spent more money in 2015 than the House Veterans Affairs Committee.

genius 2

Paul Ryan said that we must raise wages, yet continues to refuse consideration of a higher minimum wage.

genius 3

Paul Ryan said that ‘the condition of your birth should not determine the outcome of your life,’ yet he vehemently opposes the DREAM Act and horse-traded away Comprehensive Immigration Reform to get House Freedom Caucus buy-in for his Speakership.

genius 4

The list goes on… Click here to learn more about the truth behind Speaker Paul Ryan’s speech.