Ryan’s Latest Presser on Certain Republican Loss on Election Day

By: Meredith Kelly

Ahead of Speaker Ryan’s press conference at the RNC today, please consider the following DCCC statement:

“Speaker Ryan is once again desperately distancing himself from the fantasy scenario in which he becomes the GOP nominee, because he knows that he would face an irreparably divided party thanks to Trump and Cruz, and meet a certain loss this Election Day.

“Perhaps if Ryan spent less time breathlessly denouncing these schemes and more time doing his actual job as Speaker, he wouldn’t be poised to completely miss this week’s budget deadline.

‘Further, Ryan’s role in the internal furor consuming the GOP does nothing but hurt the vulnerable House Republicans who are endangered by Trump and Cruz, and who now will have to also answer for their majority’s inability to make good on their pledge to pass a budget,” said Meredith Kelly of the DCCC.