Paul Ryan & Trump in Janesville

By: Meredith Kelly

TO: Speaker Ryan

FR: DCCC Press

RE: Clips Round-up of Trump Janesville Rally

Background: Since YOU were not in Wisconsin yesterday during Donald Trump’s rally in your hometown of Janesville, below is an aggregation of news articles and notable tweets from the event.


Wisconsin State Journal: “Donald Trump: National race ‘pretty much over’ if I win Wisconsin.” [Wisconsin State Journal, 3/30/16]

USA Today: “Paul Ryan booed at Trump rally in his hometown.” [USA Today, 3/30/16]

Janesville Gazette: “Trump brings up Rep. Ryan; crowd reacts negatively.” [Janesville Gazette, 3/29/16]

The Hill: “Paul Ryan booed at hometown Trump rally.” [The Hill, 3/29/16]

Mashable: “Donald Trump picks on Paul Ryan, defends campaign manager in Wisconsin.”  [Mashable, 3/29/16]

“Donald Trump Went To [Ryan’s] Hometown, Spat In His Face And Defended His Controversial Campaign Manager.” “A week after House Speaker Paul Ryan implored the GOP presidential candidates to take a more civil tone, Donald Trump went to the Republican’s hometown, spat in his face and defended his controversial campaign manager. Trump goaded his crowd into booing Ryan before promising he’ll stand by Corey Lewandowski, his right-hand man who was charged with simple battery for allegedly grabbing a female reporter at a campaign event earlier in the month. ‘Your new speaker, how do you like Paul Ryan, how do you like him?’ Trump said with a smirk as the crowd rained down a chorus of boos on their not-so-favorite son.” [Mashable, 3/29/16]


WISN: “Teen protester pepper-sprayed at Janesville Trump rally.” [WISN, 3/30/16]


Wisconsin State Journal: “Tensions rise outside of Donald Trump rally in Janesville.” [Wisconsin State Journal, 3/30/16]


CBS News: “Donald Trump defends his campaign manager at Wisconsin campaign stop.” [CBS News, 3/29/16]


Trump Openly Mocked Reporter Michelle Fields, Alleged She Was Faking Assault. “GOP frontrunner Donald Trump, making his first campaign stop in Wisconsin, openly mocked former Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields, and he suggested that campaign manager Corey Lewandowski may have been coming to his aid in the incident which has Lewandowski now charged with battery. ‘If somebody squeezed your arm or hurt you, wouldn’t you start screaming or something?’ Trump said in Janesville. ‘Did you see any change in her face?’” [CBS News, 3/29/16]


Janesville Gazette: “Trump brings up Rep. Ryan; crowd reacts negatively.”  [Janesville Gazette, 3/29/16]

Trump Made Fun Of Gov. Walker For Not Looking Like A Biker While Wearing A Motorcycle Jacket. “Trump also disparaged Gov. Scott Walker, who on Tuesday endorsed Trump’s rival, Ted Cruz, for president. . . . Trump criticized Walker’s record on creating jobs and managing the state budget and wearing a motorcycle jacket while not looking like a biker.” [Janesville Gazette, 3/29/16]


Trump Alleged Ted Cruz Was Not Eligible To Be President Because He Was Born In Canada. “Trump returned several times to his attacks on fellow GOP candidate Ted Cruz, calling Cruz a liar and noting that the Keystone Pipeline was planned to start in Cruz’s birthplace, Canada, and end in the state he represents, Texas. If Cruz becomes president, the Democrats will file suit, alleging Cruz is not a natural-born citizen and therefore not qualified, Trump said.” [Janesville Gazette, 3/29/16]


‏@RobSchultzWSJ: Trump supporter David Webb of Milton waves confederate flag at #TrumpJanesville site, calls it symbol of state power


@AamerISmad: Overheard as @realDonaldTrump supporters passed woman in Burka outside #Janesville rally. “And you wonder why we’re afraid.”


‏@KristenhCNN: Trump: how do you like Paul Ryan? *crowd boos and yells loser– “send him over the wall” one woman yells*