“We Are Here to Stand for” Selling Out on Immigration

By: Javier Gamboa

Just a couple short months ago, when he was maneuvering to become the next Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan made a backroom deal with the House Freedom Caucus and promised them that there wouldn’t be any discussion of immigration reform on the House floor as long as President Obama remained in office.

Yet just earlier this week, on his official Speaker of the House blog, Paul Ryan shared an interview about his anti-choice stance. A substantial portion of the interview was also spent discussing our broken immigration system, with Ryan claiming that he supports overhauling our immigration system,” seemingly contradicting his craven promise to the House Freedom Caucus.

The Youtube clip of the interview posted on Ryan’s blog was also deliberately set to play at a later time, skipping his immigration comments. Whether or not the video was intentionally queued up that way because the Speaker is ashamed of the deal he cut, hardworking Americans deserve better than a Speaker of the House who says one thing to their faces and does another behind their backs.